Submission Guidelines

We accept CBD, Hemp and Vape Related Content

We welcome submissions on CBD and hemp-related topics. We generally accept everything related to CBD and Hemp. As a rule of thumb, you should review our categories in the menu and ask yourself whether your article will fit within any of them. We will also accept vape-related content such as e-liquid and vape mod reviews, vape guides and so on.

Article Length

We only accept articles that are at least 1,500 to 3,500 words long as we focus on publishing quality and in-depth articles that our readers will enjoy reading and derive value from. In SEO terms, longer articles rank much better on the search engines. If doing reviews, we recommend that you review the entire eliquid/cbd products line.

Article Price

Article Quality

We will only accept high-quality articles written in flawless English. We will not accept poorly written articles fraught with grammatical errors or even worse spun or PBN-quality articles. Please make sure to use proper headings, paragraphs and sentences.

Articles MUST be Unique

You must not publish your articles on your blog or elsewhere. The articles that you send to us MUST NOT be published elsewhere. Duplicate content may not get indexed by the search engines and even if it does, it may not rank well.

Use Own Images

Please make some photographs / videos of your products / reviews to accompany your article. We will not accept images or videos that are not your own.

Save your Articles in a Word Document

Make sure to send us your articles in a Word document.

Focus on Being Helpful and NOT Selling

The temptation is to always oversell yourself. However, please desist. The purpose of our website is to present our readers with interesting, informative and in-depth reads. Nobody likes sales spam and if you write an excellent article, readers will come to your site like bees come to the honey! Besides, we will control the backlink anchor text and the credit caption so you do not need to focus on talking about yourself. Tell us what you know, not who you are!

Post Submission Actions

Once your article has been published, we strongly recommend that you share it on social media, your blog and even your footer where you can add “As featured in CBD News Link” and add a link to your article. Additionally, you can contact the brands that you have reviewed or other sites, and ask them to link / share the resource. In SEO terms, this will help to increase the backlink equity that will be passed on to your site, which will help you to rank higher on the search engines and boost your traffic overnight in a completely “white hat” way that will put you in a superb stead for long-term rankings.

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